Diversity in Management

At present diversity is essential in Management (encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age personality and education etc.) Out of nine Management Committee  members (3 men and 6 women) . We follow our Constitution and also diversity policy of the club. 

Chairman of the club is an academic, Vice Chair was a Banker, Secretary is a mathematician and scientist and Treasurer has 40 years banking experience. Five other members  (3 housewives and two has clerical experience).

Chair is to plan, prepare the agenda of the meeting, , controlling discussion,  and make sure everyone has the chance to express their views.  Vice Chair to do the duties of the chair in the absence of the Chair. Secretary is to liaison with chair, draw an agenda of the meeting, take notes etc. Treasurer is to present clearly accounts of the club and annual accounts and handling financial transactions and also fund raising.

The club aims to provide welcoming and equal caring environment to all (disable,  any race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation).


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