Our Aims

What We Stand For:

To live well and reduce loneliness

We aim to to reduce isolation and loneliness by enabling older people to come out of their homes and interact with other older people, provide information on key services affecting older people, meet with other older people and share experiences.

We want to improve their quality of life by providing exercise classes once a week and having two outings for our older people. Many of the older people are unable to travel on their own, this will provide an ideal opportunity build cohesion, provide a space for relaxation and change of scenery all resulting in older people being health and reducing isolation and loneliness.

 One of the key consequences of people living longer lives is that they are more likely to develop long term conditions particularly if they have less healthy lifestyles and become isolated. (Sutton Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2012-2013) By proving our exercise classes and outings we aim to help reduce isolation.

We have created an environment where people are treated with respect and kindness.

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